Extra Curricular and Other opportunities

The Department regularly holds bi-monthly seminars in order to share with the students the findings of the most recent or ongoing research projects conducted by its faculties. The Department also invites nationally and internationally reputed guest speakers for giving talks on issues relevant to the discipline. On the extra-curricular front, the Department takes part in inter-Department sports competitions every year and it organizes inter-Semester football, cricket, and debate competitions. The Department also organizes sports events like badminton and volleyball tournaments for the female students. There are also different student-led clubs operating at the Department, which are contributing to the development of leadership qualities among our students.   Besides, every year, the Department celebrates ‘Public Administration Day’ in a festive mood with a view to welcome the freshers and to bid farewell to its graduates. Besides, study tours and picnics are organized every year which are attended by the students, teachers and the staff and thus creating great opportunities for all to know each other well in informal settings.