Under Graduation

The Undergraduate Programme (BSS Honours)

 Four-year undergraduate programme requires 128 credit hours offering 32 courses (4 credits each). The courses include:

PA 111: Fundamentals of Public Administration
PA 112: Fundamentals of Political Science
PA 113: Fundamentals of Sociology
PA 114: Fundamentals of Management
PA 121: Public Administration in Bangladesh
PA 122: Human Resource Management: Concept and Theories
PA 123: Local Government and Development Management (With field attachment)
PA 124: Fundamentals of Economics
PA 211: Governance: Theories and Application
PA 212: Administrative Law
PA 213: Human Resource Management in Bangladesh Civil Service
PA 214: Gender, Administration and Development
PA 221: Public Financial Management
PA 222: Project Management
PA 223: Management of Banks and Financial Institutions
PA 224: Environment and Disaster Management
PA 311: Introduction to Social Research
PA 312: Land Administration in Bangladesh
PA 313: Urban Governance and Development
PA 314: Emergency and Security Management
PA 321: Organizational Behaviour
PA 322: Qualitative Research Methods
PA 323: Management of Social Welfare and NGOs in Bangladesh
PA 324: Entrepreneurship and Business Development
PA 411: Introduction to Public Management
PA 412: Performance Management: Theory and Practice
PA 413: Ethics and Professionalism in Public Administration
PA 414: Quantitative Research
PA 421: Introduction to Public Policy
PA 422: International Trade and Political Economy
PA 423: Thesis